Espresso Italiano Body Scrub June 21 2018, 0 Comments

Espresso Italiano Body Scrub

1/4 cup sea salt
1/4 cup organic white sugar
1/2 cup organic brown sugar
1/4 cup oatmeal, finely ground
2 tsp apricot oil
2 tsp shea butter
2 tsp espresso, finely ground
5 drops coffee essential oil (optional)

Combine sugars, salt and oatmeal in a large bowl.
Melt shea butter and add shea butter and apricot oil to the dry ingredients.
Add espresso and essential oils if using.
Store in wide mouth container jars for easy scooping and label. Use within 3 months.

Store your scrubs in a jar with a tight-fitting lid so water doesn’t get inside in the shower. When water is introduced into a product, it reduces the shelf life and will easily grow mold.