15-minute Aromatherapy and Herbalism Consultation

15-minute Aromatherapy and Herbalism Consultation

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Do you have a question about specific usage or a condition that you need help with? If you have a question that doesn't require a full 45-minute consultation and personalized product development our 15-minute consultations are the perfect option. You can ask questions about safety or what to use for a specific condition. This consultation can be done via email which includes one email, with one additional clarification email if need or through a video or phone call. 

With essential oils use gaining popularity and new companies selling them popping up all over it's easy to be overwhelmed or confused by the amount of conflicting information out there. Are they natural and safe enough be used in unlimited amounts, internally topically and everything in between? Or are they dangerous and have to be worried about every drop you use on yourself and around your family? The truth lies somewhere in the middle. This is where I can help you. I know you have questions and need accurate, evidence-based, unbiased information.

Take a deep breath, diffuse some bergamot and lavender and relax, I've got your covered

I invite you to pour yourself a cup of tea and bring any questions you have for a personalized aromatherapy consultation tailored to what is most important to you.

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