45-minute Aromatherapy and Herbalism Consultation

45-minute Aromatherapy and Herbalism Consultation

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With essential oils use gaining popularity and new companies selling them popping up all over it's easy to be overwhelmed or confused by the amount of conflicting information out there. Are they natural and safe enough be used in unlimited amounts, internally topically and everything in between? Or are they dangerous and have to be worried about every drop you use on yourself and around your family? The truth lies somewhere in the middle. This is where I can help you. I know you have questions and need accurate, evidence-based, unbiased information.

Take a deep breath, diffuse some bergamot and lavender and relax, I've got your covered

I invite you to pour yourself a cup of tea and bring any questions you have for a personalized aromatherapy consultation tailored to what is most important to you.

Would you like to discuss how to use aromatherapy for a specific problem or for general well being? Do you want to develop a custom product that is safe and effective?  We can discuss these or any other questions you may have.

A comprehensive personal aromatherapy consultation with specific advice for a personal aromatherapy blend includes:

  • 45-minute telephone, skype, or in-person consultation, including the opportunity to ask specific questions.  Completion of all relevant paperwork must be returned before the consultation.
  • Specific written advice with regard to your question/problem, supplied via email after consultation is completed. This means there’s no need to take notes or try to remember everything we discuss.
  • List of contraindications
  • Resources for further information discussed in consultation for references (if applicable)
  • Inclusion of a standard one-ounce blend based on recommendations discussed during our call, any additional products will be charged.

Essential oils are not always the best option, contrary to the popular saying “there’s an oil for that”

We’ll discuss where essential oil use is appropriate and if there are better options such as herbal application we will also discuss those.

Please note: The advice given does not replace that of a professional health care provider and/or legal advice (where appropriate)

I will contact you via email to schedule a mutually agreed time and date with regard to in person, skype, and phone consultations. 

Email consultations are also available, click here for more information on email consultations

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