Kristyn began her career in natural skin care where she has worked to develop a wide range of personalized product for her clients and her business. Through the course of her work, she has studied Aromatherapy and Herbalism for the past 10 years and has pursued certifications in both Clinical Aromatherapy and as a Master Herbalist. Kristyn uses these approaches to coach her clients through natural solutions from skin care to common illnesses and helps them to live a natural more healthful life. 
Her holistic approach to healing and skincare includes the whole health of a person including nutrition, lifestyle and emotional factors. She emphasizes the fact that healthy skin is a reflection of inner health, and promotes the use of natural products and holistic approaches to achieve healthy skin and a healthy body. 

In addition to educating and coaching private clients, Kristyn, along with Stephanie Wharton, co-founded well:body Tribe, a movement aimed at empowering others with experiences and education that help them redefine wellness, connect inward and create a life of sustainable health.  Nutrition, a mindful lifestyle, aromatherapy, and herbalism are at the core of this program.  Their well:body Tribe retreats are designed to solidify aspects of these elements and to create a foundation of community and growth for success moving forward.