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The essential oil world has taken all of us by storm.  Getting started can be overwhelming and often times confusing. You may be thinking, is this oil safe?  Can I use this herb with my kids?  Are there side effects I should be worried about? There are alarming amounts of resources out there supplying poor and unsafe information. The thought of trying to decipher it all can be a daunting task.  Let me help you.


I supply safe and effective education regarding natural health alternatives that you can incorporate effortlessly into your hectic life. I help provide the necessary resources and products  to assist you with positive changes in your health one step at a time. By learning to use essential oils and herbs confidently in your everyday life you can replace harmful products, boost your health and begin the journey towards creating your WELL:BODY.  

With so many health hazards and potential risks associated with everyday conventional products wouldn’t it be great to know how to identify and create products that are actually healthy and beneficial for you and your family?


Did you know you can use herbs and essential oils to replace almost all of the products you use in your everyday life? These simple, yet effective replacements can make positive impacts in many different aspects of your health.


I’m Kristyn, the owner of Puro Company, LLC, which provides education on herbs and proper essential oil use along with all natural skin products and herbal solutions for a healthier life.


My products are driven by high quality ingredients and how they affect our bodies. This is why my mission is to make products that are truly natural.  Every product made at Puro Co. is handcrafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients. We source as many ingredients as possible from local vendors at our farmer's market and from our own garden. We take great care to research the manner in which our other ingredients are manufactured and harvested,  choosing only those that are done so responsibly and sustainably. Using these carefully selected ingredients I craft purpose driven products using plant based oils, essential oils, herbs, and my own herbal infusions as the base for all my products.


After years of researching and implementing a more natural lifestyle for myself and my family, I turned my attention to the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy.  With my products and educational advice, I have successfully helped dozens and dozens of people with skin related issues thrive again.  I am the missing link most people are looking for when they are searching for a more natural lifestyle because I provide the products AND the education, if desired.  After numerous courses in Aromatherapy and Herbalism, I am currently en route to become a Master Herbalist while also continuing my education in Aromatic Medicine.  

Give some of my products a try, take one of my courses or email me just to say hello.  I’d love to get you started on a path that just may turn your life around.   

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