5 Benefits of Shampoo Bars

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What is a shampoo bar? Shampoo Bars are hard bars of soap that you can use in place of conventional liquid shampoo bars. Our shampoo bars are specially formulated to contain herbs, essential oils, and plant-based carrier oils with benefits to the scalp and hair like black seed oil, neem, and rosemary essential oil. 

Using shampoo bars can take some time to get used to and can be intimidating to make the switch at first but once you get the hang of it we're sure you'll fall in love. 

How to use: Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Massage into the hair and scalp then rinse thoroughly until squeaky clean.

Reasons to make the switch: 

1. Minimal packaging helps to reduce waste. Our shampoo bars are plastic-free and use minimal packaging that can be reused and/recycled. 

2. They are long-lasting. These bars last for a long time, which means you'll spend less over time. Many people also find they need to wash their hair less often and use less conditioner. 

Tip: To make your bars last even longer we recommend cutting your bars in 1/2 or 1/3 and using a small piece at a time. 

3. Shampoo bars are multi-purpose. Shampoo bars can be used to wash your body too. This makes them a great space saver and easy to travel with. ( They also won't leak in your bag ) 

4. Simple effective ingredients. Our shampoo bars are formulated with simple plant-based ingredients. No fragrance oils, palm oil, SLS, silicone, sulfates or SLS. Just plant-based oils, herbs, and essential oils. 

5. They don't require any extra preservatives or additives.  Our shampoo bars are real soap old fashioned soap, not detergent. They get all their cleaning power from the saponified oils we carefully select and formulate to create a hard bar with a rich creamy lather. They don't require any preservatives or additives for lather or cleaning. Like all products containing oils they can go rancid over time but will generally last 6 months to a year when stored in a cool area. 

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