Cooking with Herbs and Essential Oils

Cooking with Herbs and Essential Oils

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Cooking with herbs and essential oils can bring your cooking to a whole new level. Herbs can do more than just give you a flavor boost they can be used as powerful tools of prevention and healing when it comes to establishing and maintaining good health.  Many of the herbs we commonly find in the kitchen pack a punch, full of vitamins minerals and nutrients, and even have some medicinal actions. By adding these into our diets we can reap the benefits these have to offer.

Through this e-book you will learn about the some commonly found herbs that are easy to find in many grocery stores and are also extremely easy to grow. Whether you buy fresh herbs at the store or start your very own kitchen garden these herbs are great additions to added to your culinary repertoire. 

You will also see how we can use essential oils as a flavoring in a variety of dishes. You will learn the difference between a culinary dose and a medicinal dose of essential oils and how we can safely use essential oils internally, as well as substitutions if you don’t want to use essential oils.

Finally, you will get a selection of recipes so that you can start to enhance your meals with all these fantastic herbs. 

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