Calendula: Why I grow, use and can't live without it.

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If you've followed us or used any of our products, you can probably tell that I love Calendula. It is one of my favorite herbs that I use the most in my day to day life and in the products I make for Puro Co. I thought that it's important to share as much information about this amazing herb as I can. Below you'll find some reasons why it's an essential herb for everyone trying to lead a natural lifestyle.

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Don't have an essential oil diffuser? Try this out!

Kristyn Bango diffuser essential oils inhalation puro co

Inhalation is one of the safest ways to use essential oils. By simply inhaling your essential oils you are provided with a wide variety of benefits while reducing many of the risks associated with topical application! Don't have a diffuser? Try these...

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Welcome to our new site!

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Welcome to Puro Co. and our new site where you can find information about our company such as who we are, our blog, wholesale information and also purchase your favorite products.

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