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Dilution and Carrier Oils: Using Essential Oils Safely June 03 2015, 0 Comments

This week we will dig in to dilution a bit and the different carrier oils you can use to dilute your oils.  Many times fractionated coconut oil is recommended across the board. This is not an oil I personally choose to use. I like to look at each oil for it’s properties and then choose my carrier oil based on the benefits it provides in relationship to what I am trying to achieve with my essential oils.

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Safety First. Or Maybe Not. 4 Things You Must Know. May 21 2015, 0 Comments


If you're already using essential oils or looking to start incorporating them into your life, you should know and be familiar with these terms. Irritant, Sensitization, Toxic and Phototoxic.

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Ditch Toxic Bug Spray with these Essential Oils May 12 2015, 0 Comments

Essential oils can be used to effectively repel insects without the use harmful chemicals such as DEET on your skin. DEET is a registered pesticide often used in many commercial bug sprays.
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Ingredients: Are they really that important? March 22 2015, 0 Comments

Every product we make at Puro Co. is handcrafted with each ingredient being selected for a specific purpose.  It could be grape seed oil for its astringent properties, calendula for its anti-inflammatory properties or coconut oil's ability to produce a harder bar of soap with a fluffy and stable lather. Each ingredient that we use is researched and carefully selected to make a superior product for our customers.

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Quick and Easy Hand Scrub Recipe March 20 2015, 0 Comments

Say good bye to winter and prepare for spring with a little bit of self pampering!  Try this recipe for a quick and easy hand scrub to help exfoliate away dry winter skin. It takes less than 5 mins to put together and uses simple ingredients found in most kitchens.  Continue Reading