Ditch Toxic Bug Spray with these Essential Oils

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Essential oils can be used to effectively repel insects without the use harmful chemicals such as DEET on your skin. DEET is a registered pesticide often used in many commercial bug sprays.

According to the EPA :

"Adverse health effects have been reported in children and adults in records from poison control center telephone data (10) and in case reports of neurological effects in children (3, 5-13), with one of the most common adverse effects being seizures (11, 12). However, the incidence of seizure is estimated to be low, and since 1960 is estimated to be one per 100 million users, taking into account available studies and the possibility of under-reporting or over-reporting of possible DEET effects (11). In addition, encephalopathy, tremor, slurred speech, behavior changes, coma, and even death have been reported in children (3, 5-13), though the U.S. EPA concluded that data was not sufficient to determine DEET exposure as the cause of the symptoms in most of the studies (1). These reported effects occurred following dermal application or, more commonly, ingestion of DEET (3, 5-13). One study concluded that individuals with abnormal or altered ammonia metabolism may have increased susceptibility to adverse effects from DEET exposure (4). "

Here are a few of my favorite bug repelling essential oils that can be used in combination or singularly to suit your needs and provide an alternative to the potentially harmful effects of bug sprays often found in stores

These oils are useful against a variety of different insects and can be found in our Repel products.



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