Make You Own Organic Hand Soap November 09 2015, 0 Comments

I love making soap, but I find it easier to use a pump style liquid soap for hand washing. This is the process that I use, which creates a moisturizing soap that is inexpensive, smells amazing and comes together quickly. 

The essential oil used in this recipe is primarily for scent so feel free to replace it with any aroma you find pleasing or try an unscented version if you prefer. Some other possible scent combinations you could try include, sweet orange and lavender, tea tree and lemon, or lavender and chamomile. You can also make this soap with a regular hand soap dispenser using a 1:1 soap to water ratio. The ratios are forgiving, so use this as a jumping off point to create something that works well for you and your family.  The price break down using all organic ingredients comes out to about $1.92 per batch. This does not include the price of the bottles which are available on Amazon. You can also recycle a bottle from a previously purchased foaming soap if you have one. 

So start experimenting and see what you come up with then head over to our facebook group and let us know how it turned out for you!