7 Essential Oil Myths - Part 1

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There are many myths about essential oil use floating around. As part of our series on using essential oils safely I thought I would share some of those myths and some alternative ways to use your oils. 

Myth # 1- You can't be allergic to essential oils because they are natural.

Allergic reaction are possible with any essential oil and can occur at anytime even after numerous applications.

Sensitization can occur with even the most gentle oils like lavender.

The fact that something is natural is not a factor as to whether or not it can cause an allergic reaction. Grass, pollen, and eggs  for example are all natural. There are many people who have allergies or sensitivities to things that are natural. Every one is different and can have very different reactions to the same element. 

MYTH # 2 - Essential oils can be diluted in water.

Essential oils are lipid (fat) soluble. They can only be diluted in carrier oils. They should never be added directly to a bath tub or drinking water. Placing essential oils directly into water can cause larger amounts of oils to be absorbed into your skin and cause damage to sensitive skin and/or mucus membranes. This can lead to long term irreversible damage over time. It also increases your risk of sensitization and possible allergic reactions. Always dilute you essential oils in a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil etc.) before use.

Here's is a great detoxifying and calming bath recipe that is easily customizable to suit your individual needs. You can experiment with different clays or omit it all together. You can also sub regular sea salt or real salt for the pink sea salt, or swap out the essential oils for your favorite blend. The warm bath also gives your the added benefit of steam inhalation of the essential oils. 



Myth # 3 - Redness and rashes are common after essential oil use this is part of the detoxification process.

When properly diluted essential oils should not cause redness, burning, rashes or irritation. This is not a normal reaction, or your body detoxifying. This can be a serious reaction and the use of the oil should be discontinued immediately. It is more likely the sign of a possible allergic reaction. If this occurs after a neat (undiluted) application, you may try properly diluting the oil in the future after the issue has been resolved. Continued use when reactions like this occur may result in a worse reaction with each use. It may also lead to sensitization. This would not allow any future use of the oil, and possibly others with similar composition. If you develop any type of reaction please discontinue the use of that oil along with any other oil on that location until the issue is resolved, and consult a medical professional.

For more information on how to dilute you essential oils and different carrier oils click here

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