5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Kristyn Bango

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin


1. Drink enough water

During the winter we are exposed to a variety of elements that dry out our skin. To keep your skin supple and glowing be sure you're drinking enough water


2. Wash your face before bed

It's important to wash your face before bed to remove your makeup and any dirt you've been exposed to during the day. Follow this up with a toner and moisturizer to help restore and revitalize the skin.

To help detoxify the skin try our Charcoal Face & Body Bar


3. Exfoliate

Be sure you are exfoliating your skin 2-3 times per week. This helps to remove dry dead skin and allows you to moisturize the fresh new skin underneath.


4. Moisturize

When the skin is dry it's lacking either water or oil. After cleansing apply a facial toner and a moisturizer to lock in both types of moisture.

Our Facial Toners come in 4 scents and help to moisturize the face. 

5. Exercise

Sweating is good for the skin, it helps to flush out toxins and promote a healthy complexion.




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