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Stress can be anything that throws your body out of balance. The stress response is your body trying to regain that balance. Your body activates the same flight or flight stress response regardless of the source of the anxiety. Unfortunately, many people maintain a constant level of stress. Long term stress can have effect on the body in ways we don't even realize. It takes energy away from other parts of the body in order to respond to the stressful situation which can slow digestion, reduce cognitive functions, decrease sexual reproduction in men and women and inhibit immunity, just to name a few. Our bodies are not made to deal with a constant level of stress and when there is, systems begin to suffer. We can help our bodies cope with stressful situations with a class of herbs known as adaptogens.

Adaptogen herbs help us adapt to changes and stress caused by physical, biological, emotional, and environmental factors. They can assist in restoring balance within the body and help us defend against both chronic and acute stressors. 

Many adaptogens are anti-inflammatory, reducing overall inflammation will increase energy, boost immunity, and increase cognitive function. All of these are effected when the stress response is induced.  

Additional conditions that may benefit from the use of an adaptogen include blood sugar imbalances, constant high stress situations like those resulting from a job, anxiety, depression, arthritis and adrenal fatigue just to name a few.  


Let's take a closer look at one adaptogen:

Holy Basil also known as Tulsi or Sacred Basil helps to facilitate normal blood sugar and cortisol levels.  It is an anti inflammatory and antimicrobial herb that is useful in times of infection, especially infections related to the respiratory system as it helps to strengthen the respiratory system. Holy Basil is helpful with situational stress or depression, and may be useful for people suffering from adrenal fatigue. It may also be helpful with cases of ADHD, brain trauma and mental fog. - There are no known contraindications although it may speed up the elimination of certain medications. This herb is a wonderful tea and is often available in many flavors. One of my personal favorites is Tulsi and Rose.  Rose is very calming providing more stress relieving abilities. 


*Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not take holy basil.

The information provided is intended for educational purposes only. It should not be used in place of professional medical advice. Before starting any new supplements discuss them with your medical professional.

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