Charcoal for your skin?

Kristyn Bango charcoal detox foaming hand soap lavender soap tea tree

Have you heard of using charcoal on your skin? Recently this ingredient has been gaining popularity in products, popping up in face masks, toothpaste, scrubs and more. So is the hype true?

Yes, in fact for years our charcoal face and body bar has been one of our top sellers for everything from acne to deodorizing and cleansing. 

Activated charcoal binds to dirt on the skin and helps pull it out of your pores. This helps reduce breakouts and reduce the size of your pores.  



Charcoal Face and Body Bar contains skin clearing and detoxifying hardwood charcoal with skin soothing tea tree and lavender essential oils. 

This combination helps to pull out impurities and detoxify the skin without leaving it dry. This makes it great for your face or body and beneficial for people with problem or sensitive skin. 


Use coupon code DETOXSOAP to save $1 on each bar of charcoal face and body bar you buy up to 6 bars. Offer expires 4/22/18

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