Choosing an Aromatherapy Inhaler

Kristyn Bango

Inhalation can be direct(to a single person) or indirect(to a room or group of people). Inhaled essential oils can be used for:

●  Upper and lower respiratory tract infections
●  Hay fever, sinusitis
●  Headache
●  Insomnia
●  Asthma
●  Depression
●  Fatigue
●  Nausea
●  Stress

Direct / Therapeutic Inhalation:

This involves a deeper inhalation for several breaths up to 10 minutes. In this type of inhalation, you can use a personal inhaler, aromastick, a cotton ball or inhale directly from the essential oil bottle. The essential oil is the primary scent you’re inhaling.

This type of inhalation is beneficial for emotional support such as anxiety, nervousness, mental clarity, respiratory support (i.e. cold/congestion), or nausea.

In this video I show a few different inhaler options for direct inhalation you can utilize from reusable inhalers that can be take with you anywhere you go to free one time use inhaler options. 

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