Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender essential oil is an incredible essential oil and an excellent starter for many people looking to get into aromatherapy. Sometimes Lavender gets overshadowed by what's new and shiny, but this oil is a powerhouse. As a bonus, it's generally considered one of the safer essential oils, especially for family use. It has a broader safety net than many oils and is highly versatile. Lavender is a steam distilled oil often used in perfumery. It is considered a safe oil for a wide range of people. Inexperienced users may suggest that lavender oil be used neat or undiluted. However, this application should only be utilized when necessary, as sensitization and adverse reactions are still possible. Let's dig into some ways to use lavender essential oil safely! 

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:


Lavender Essential Oil Uses:

Topical - The use of undiluted essential oil, often referred to as neat, should be reserved for minor burns, occasionally bee stings, and similar short-term specific situations. This application can be acceptable where a higher concentration may be required for immediate relief. I always recommend working with an aromatherapist to determine proper dilutions. Working with an aromatherapist can help to minimize potential adverse outcomes.

There are many ways Lavender oil can be employed topically at lower, skin-safe dilutions. Typical topical applications that benefit from lavender essential oil use include relieving skin irritation, acne, eczema, skin infections, burns, or inflammation.

Diffusion -This method is ideal in times of high stress. The aroma of lavender may help improve sleep quality and reduce stress, headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.

As with any essential oil, I think it's important to remember that more isn't always better. We must be good stewards of the land and plants and responsibly use them. Using them effectively also saves money and increases the longevity of our investment in these products. It conserves and protects our precious natural resources, making them available to future generations. It also protects the user from potential adverse outcomes. 


Caution: In small amounts, Lavender is calming to the central nervous system; in large quantities, it may have a stimulating effect.

My favorite way to use Lavender: I like to keep a 1 oz dropper bottle of calendula-infused oil and lavender diluted at 2-3% mixed up at all times.

DIY Lavender Essential Oil First Aid Oil: 

Combine 1 oz of a calendula infused olive oil (or carrier oil of your choice) with 6 drops of lavender essential oil. Store in an amber glass bottle with a dropper for easy use. Label with ingredients, uses and the date made. 

The lavender essential oil provides anti-microbial and analgesic effects and is also calming. Combined with calendula's anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, this is my go-to choice for bumps and scrapes. 

6 drops of essential oil per oz carrier oil for the first aid oil = 1% dilution rate.

Blends well with:

Clary Sage
Tea Tree

Lavender is an excellent blending oil, used in small amounts it can round out the scent of many blends when you feel like it's "missing something."

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels for Lavender Essential Oil: 

  • Body Lotion: 5.0% 
  • Face Cream: 5.0% 
  • Perfume: 5.0% 
  • Body Wash: 5.0% 
  • Soap: 5.0% 
  • Deodorant: 5.0%

IFRA is the International Fragrance Association. These recommendations for maximum dilutions set by IFRA are helpful for the general population to use as guidelines. It doesn't mean there are no scenarios where using a higher dilution would be acceptable. It also does not mean that you must use these maximums for the efficacy of a product but may be used as a guideline for making home formulations for a healthy adult.

Suppose you're looking for ways to add some aromatherapy into your life. In that case, you can find lavender essential oil in various products at Puro Co, including Charcoal Face and Body Bars, Lavender Soap, Grounded Soap, and Peaceful Aromatherapy Roller Balls. 

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