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Welcome to Puro Co. and our new site where you can find information about our company such as who we are, our blog, wholesale information and also purchase your favorite products.

Our goal with the blog is to offer a little background on why we started Puro Co. and our quest to live a healthier, more natural life. Along the way we'll show you what goes into the process of how we make our products, including information about the ingredients and benefits of them, so each of you can be well informed of what you're purchasing and using. Additionally, we'll document our new ventures such as beekeeping and share the journey of studying to become an evidence based herbalist. 

Our mission is to create simply pure products for a healthy life. We take pride in making high quality, luxurious and purposeful products such as a variety of artisanal soaps, salves and lotions. We are constantly expanding our product line and adding new scents which we will be sharing with you here.

We also want to thank our local community and patrons for supporting us this year. We hope you've been happy with us and we encourage everyone to provide feedback. For the holiday's we'll be selling our products at Allegheny Outfitters for the Christmas Walk on December 5th and St. Joe's on December 6th.  Also please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for special promotions and coupon codes. 

We hope you’ll check back soon and often, and enjoy the journey with us.

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