Don't have an essential oil diffuser? Try this out!

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Inhalation is one of the safest ways to use essential oils. By simply inhaling your essential oils you are provided with a wide variety of benefits while reducing many of the risks associated with topical application!

While typical diffusers can be expensive, these alternative methods can be used to achieve the same benefits.

  • Add one to two drops of an essential oil to the bottom of your shower. The steam is enough to disperse the aroma through most bathrooms and then some.
  • Add one drop of lavender essential oil or chamomile essential oil on a cotton ball and place it under your pillow or next to your bed for calming effects while you sleep.
  • Add water and one to two drops of an essential oil to an electric or tea light oil warmer, to disperse the aroma through a room.
  • Add one to two drops of an essential oil to a clay diffuser necklace.

If you’re not sure which essential oils to use for different scenarios, here are some options.

  • Feel a headache coming on? Try peppermint essential oil.
  • Need to calm down or relax before bed? Try lavender essential oil.
  • A little pick me up in the morning? Try orange essential oil.
  • A little stuffy and congested? Try eucalyptus essential oil.

Remember less is more and one to two drops is all you need. Essential oils are powerful and potent!

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