Foaming Soap Base

Kristyn Bango

Making your own foaming soap.

If you've been with us a while you may remember the foaming hand soap from a while back. Here is the base for a making foaming soap, it's a super versatile recipe to have in your repertoire. I use it for hand soap in the bathroom and for the kids shampoo in the shower. I use it as unscented baby soap, in fact I brought it to the hospital when I had my son and the the nurse who gave him his first bath came in to see what it was because she loved it so much. I throw it in the gym bag for after swimming lessons for the kids. And it makes a wonderful face wash if you're the type of person who needs some bubbles. 

Once you have this super simple recipe you can customize it to fit your needs, with different moisturizing oils and/or essential oils, or just leave it plain. 
If you have a foaming soap dispenser from a soap you purchased in the past save it and you can refill it using this simple recipe.

The cost break down for the basic foaming soap recipe is $1.27 per batch. $4.60 with the bottle which is reusable. I used these bottles in the video.

You can find castile soap at most local grocery, health food stores, or Amazon but I've found the best price is available through Thrive Market online. 

Once you try it head over to the Well:Body Living facebook group and let us know what you think. 


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