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This month in Rise UP our theme is Prevention & Longevity. (If you haven't check out my function health education program Rise UP you can find out more here.)

Here's a sneak peek at my newest Rise UP master class series: Herbs & Supplements for Prevention & Longevity

Fish Oil 🐟

Why do we love fish oil of prevention and longevity? When it comes to multi-purpose supplements this one is up at the top of the list. 


✅ brain health & cognitive function

✅ heart health

✅ may help lower inflammation

✅ eye health 

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, DHA & EPA and for an added vitamin boost fish liver oil is also rich in vitamins A & D.

Why is that important? While these are essential to the body we can’t make them on our own so we need to get them from food sources like 2-3 servings of cold water fatty fish or supplements. 

In this masterclass, we take a look at several studies that highlight the benefits of fish oil.

Listen to the masterclass below! 

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